Kingfishers In the bushes.

Not having written a blog post for far too long, here is a new one about recent adventures with the little “Blue arrows”……

Having received information, that a pair of juvenile Kingfishers were showing well not to far from me, it had to be checked out, the hide at this location is “very“small, setting off after arranging to meet a photographic colleague on site, the view from the hide is partly obscured with bushes, but good enough.  We saw the bird fly through a few times from the small river which feeds to small lagoon in to a reed bed and the back, after an hour or so we were treated to our first visit.

20507877_1299516680159666_6039539576482836576_oThe male bird kept landing into an overhanging Willow tree to the site of the hide, sometimes a “clear” shot was not possible due to other vegetation.  We received a number of visits from the male bird, we had seen the female but she did not land long enough to give the opportunity of a clear shot. It seems strange that a juvenile pair were flying around together at the same location.


It can clearly seen from the black feet on the bird to the above shot it is a young bird, probably born this year, just a hint of colour beginning to come through, who can ask for anything more when you get close up shots like this………….

The day carried on with more and more action, finally, yes at last the little man caught a fish.


What a treat, no more than five or so meters aways from where I was sat, a Kingfisher in full view with prey, stunning it and feeding.


What more could I ask for, the feeding continued for quite a while, with just a quiet spell around lunch time.

Getting shot below, through the willow branches has a nice “soft” feel to it, we had a short spell of rain, and the bird seemed to sit it the willows taking shelter………


The day ended on a high with the shot below……………


As a photographer, I could not ask for anything more than this, have just got to try and get back to this location as soon as possible, in case the birds disappear, till the next time………….

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