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Start of a brand new era, my blog

Welcome to my Blog,

I’m an amateur wildlife photographer from London, now based in Bedfordshire I hope you enjoy my images and there will be many more to follow soon. All the feathers and fur on this blog are wild creatures, I don’t photograph captive subjects. People, myself included often enjoy seeing pictures of wildlife that are photographed while displaying some kind of human like characteristic.

From my perspective as a wildlife photographer, I am always looking for anthropomorphic behaviours so people who look at my images will have something to relate to and may say “ah, how cute, look, I believe it helps to create a respect for animals or at the very least a connection. The more respect that people have for animals; hopefully the less people will want to harm them intentionally or indirectly.

Hopefully at some point people will begin to realize that everyone can conserve a little more and waste a little less. Each person’s actions have an impact on nature. Together our choices dictate how clean our environment will be.raynew

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I welcome comments and constructive criticism of my imagesAndy Rouse winter owl shoot jan 2013 (135) 220113


This blog is THE place to keep up to date with all of my latest work, behind the scenes information, upcoming events and projects.

I hope you find a lot of interest whilst reading my blog, reading about my  wildlife photography adventures at home on my local patch and during my travels. I have been having lots of fun with Kingfishers recently!





Anyone is more than welcome to join in and post or comment on my blog, please just register first.

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