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raynewRay of RAKPhotographic was born in London in 1957. Growing up in the northwest of London offered at that time little opportunity to connect to nature.

From a young age he always had an interest in wildlife starting out with a keen interest in all things aquatic. Moving to Bedfordshire twenty plus years ago he extended his thirst for knowledge and began to study wildlife in greater detail, and from there photography was born.

His photography concentrates on the natural world and is motivated by a desire to capture its beauty in camera. Ray`s favorite photographs are often those which record a ‘decisive moment’ and show wild creatures in the context of their natural habitat, sometimes with an element of minimalist.

To hone his photographic & computer skills, Ray has spent many years at a local college in the evenings, managing to obtain the following qualifications:

LRPS Licentiateship of The Royal Photographic Society

NCTE in Telematics (intermediate)

ONC in digital photography

City & Guilds in Multimedia

ACA Adobe Certified Associate

City & Guilds in Adobe Photoshop – levels 1/2 & 3

He has achieved a number of successes in major “UK” wildlife competitions. Ray`s local camera club of which he is an active member is the Shillington & District Camera Club, this is a Bedfordshire based club who have a very progressive outlook and welcome new members with any experience level

I use Canon Equipment for my photography. My current camera bodies are the 1D MkIV, 1D MkIII  and 50D. These are primarily used with the 800mm F5.6 lens. On occasions the 800mm lens is combined with a 1.4X extender to get some more reach. I also use a 300m F4 and 70-200mm F4 for closer range work.  I will use a tripod or monopod but mainly these are used when I am camped up in the hide.

All photographs are shot in RAW format before being taken into Photoshop for processing.  but I always like to try and take a camera with me when I travel anywhere, just in case the opportunity arises. Please remember that the welfare of your subject should always be the starting point of any wildlife photograph. When you work with nature, “only leave your footsteps”

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