More time spent in the bushes!!!

As the title says, more time spent in the bushes. In pursuit of one of my favourite birds, the Kingfisher, at this time of the year good light is almost non-existent, and on this first shot, II could only get 1/640 sec, at f/5.6 with an ISO of 2000, as you can see, there is no detail in the sky at all, completely featureless!!!! _AYL3974 Some three or so hours later was the same camera setting when the bird was on a post with water in the background which bounced some light back, look at the difference!!! _AYL4017 Long hours spent with only a few images as results, the main interesting fact to come from the day was, this male spent time calling his mate, who was present, but hidden in the undergrowth, the same behaviour display as shown in the mating season.

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