It`s getting Otter!!!

The day did not start out to photograph Otters, but ended up that way, the day was meant to see and photograph “Bittern`s” that had been reported at the location, three or four of them were there, but on my visit they were not playing ball, being ever elusive within the reed beds.

OK, so you make the best of a bad day, a male and female were present and showing well, so the 800mm lens was removed and the 70/200 + 1.4 convertor replaced it – handheld, that’s different, normally for me sitting in a hide with the 800mm on a tripod._AYL4152

The morning started out good, bright, but not glaring, after lunch an un-forcasted shower had set in, but shooting was still possible, the wonders of Lenscoat keeping the camera and lens snug and dry._AYL4092

On site, was both a male and female, the male being slightly larger than the female, they seemed happy to show for the majority of the day, both feeding and playing. _AYL4074Through the day, I was given many more displays of feeding, play, and other forms of interaction by the pair._AYL4089

The action carried on till around 3pm when the light level`s dropped to far to a good image, so it was time to head for home and reflect on the day, what had started out as a possible waste of time due to the no-show of the Bittern`s, proved to have a good ending.


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