New winter location, revisited, in search of the Water Rail…….

Another day, spent at my winter location, this time in the company of a fellow photographer and good friend Brian, whilst waiting in the hide for some action, we did enjoy between us, a box of chocolate’s for Christmas.

The focus of the shoot was to see if we could photograph “Water Rail`s”, these arrived later in the day, whilst waiting, a couple of little Egrets were present, with the winter sun on a cold crisp day, it gave the chance to get some nice reflection shots.REFFF

Many more opportunities’ presented theirself during the day, this image I have tried in both colour and monochrome, which do you think is better?, please login and leave your comment._AYL4805 ebw

At last the Water Rail put in an appearance, it was as normal with this species of bird, in and out of the reed beds a number of times, but a number of images were taken, at this stage in the day the light was beginning to drop, but persistence pays off and I was rewarded with this shot,wr

This bird stayed in and around the edge of the reed bed all afternoon, going in and out of the reeds all the time, at one point, it got into a fight with a Moor Hen, needless to say, the Moor Hen won, driving the Water Rail back in to the reed bed.

A little later it regained it`s confidence and reappeared, resulting in this nice close up.crop

During the afternoon, a Fox put in an appearance on the far bank, due to the vegetation, a clean shot was not possible, then as if I was being given a reward for not being able to get a clear shot of the fox, this little lady came to join us.kf A nice end to a long, cold, but enjoyable day, here`s to the next visit.

Please click on an image for an enlarged view.

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