A winter`s day in the bushes in search of a Kingfisher…..

I knew that a Female Kingfisher had been spotted at the location over the last few days, so a trip was planed, what happens, heavy frost for the two nights preceding the trip, resulting in the pools at the location being “frozen solid” – good start!!!

Upon arrival, a small, very small patch of “open water” was seen, some hope then, time would tell.  looking out from the hide I was greeted with one sight, 100% of nothing, great start, after a while a Kestrel put in an appearance, taking a water vole for it`s breakfast, this was short-lived, as it was mobbed by crows, dropping the kill, which was promptly taken by a magpie.


So, for a while the Kestrel sat in a frost covered tree and cleaned itself, her peace was short-lived by the appearance of a woodpecker, who promptly took up residence in the tree occupied by the Kestrel, that was the last time the Kestrel was seen that day.


After what seemed like hours of waiting, a “blue flash” shot across the pool, she had arrived, the Kingfisher spent a great deal of her time sitting in some trees to one side of the hide, buried the majority of the time to deep for a good clean shot.


A one point, she did find the patch of clear water alongside the edge of the reeds, tried fishing, sadly for her to no avail. The light this day was great, more or less full sun the whole day, giving fantastic winter sun effect to the images.

A number of times, she flew to the nearby river to try to obtain a meal, unfortunately, I did not see any evidence of her being successful in her attempts.


Later in the afternoon, I was rewarded with this fantastic close up, in the winter sun, without question, she looked first class, a return visit is planned soon, very soon.  Check back for further updates soon………..

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