I have got a new best friend….

A new location and a new set of birds to make friends with, well that was the task that lay ahead

Knowing that the birds hunted along a certain stretch of river, I set up shop and waited (hopefully) for some action, well within half an hour or so I had my first sighting.


A female in fine condition, she took a long time surveying her kingdom, looking for her first meal of the day, she made some unsuccessful attempts, then she decided to leave……


Winter sun, on the right day gives fantastic light for photography.  I was not alone for long, she returned with her breakfast, after a few minutes of stunning her prey on a fallen tree trunk, it was gone.


Again, she went back on look out for her next meal, great winter sun coming from the side illuminated her to her best advantage.


Another fish was spotted, this lady was better than some anglers I`ve met, prey spotted….dive….another catch….


After all this exercise, a well-earned rest was called , so time was spent taking in a dose of winter sun…


Here`s to the next time

Click on an image of larger view.



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