Short Eared Owls in the wild

After a long journey which seemed to go on forever, which included getting stuck behind a tractor, the chosen location was reached, a vast flat open area of a fen land landscape opened out in front of me.

Out of the car, coat and boots on, binoculars out, scanning the horizon for “shorties“, within a matter of moments, two shorted eared owls were seen hunting along the line of a fence. _AYL7820Back to the car in double-quick time to grab the gear and get ready for further action, tripod up camera ready, and within¬†only at the time seemed like moments another bird paid me visit, hunting out across the open marsh land, keeping low to the ground on the look out for prey.


A shorted eared owl is the perfect “hunting” machine, a number of times the bird swooped in to the tall grass, sometimes a squeal was heard, that was the end of another rodent.

A number of times at least three birds were up in the air together, sometimes it was just a pleasure to watch as opposed to taking to taking pictures.


A number of other species of birds were present at the location, Buzzards, Whopper Swans and even a Kestrel, a wildlife photographer`s heaven.

More or less the action continued through the day, giving many opportunities’ to take more breath-taking short eared owl shots.



During the day, I was blessed without rain and also good light, I must have been a good boy somewhere to get all this luck.

The action continued through the day, with close to 500 images being taken, late in the afternoon, some other photographers turned up, the first humans I had seen all day


Sometimes company is welcome, we all got on well together, and everyone gave each other space to shoot, by now the light was fading fast, so a last few images were grabbed before sundown.

When you have a had such a good day, it is hard to pack the gear away, in the car on the way home plans were already being hatched for a return visit, back to the long journey home and a glass of wine.


Until the next time, to be continued………..


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