Everything, but then intended quarry………….

The intended quarry for the day was Owls, pure and simple, but as the day panned out, everything but put in an appearance.

The day started very over cast, but with promise of sun by around mid day, a few fly pasts by Swans took place, but nothing else even worth clicking the shutter for, late morning this stunning Great White Egret treat me to a fly pass.


Up to around lunch time I had the venue to myself, then another couple of photographers who I had met before arrived, time passed in to the early afternoon without the appearance of any Owls, early afternoon sure the appearance of this stunning Red Kite.


A fantastic bird, outlined against a superb blue sky, but still no Owls !!!!!!!!!!!!

With the clock ticking, and light levels fading, the absence of birds was becoming more and more apparent, things were becoming desperate, far out on the sky line a dark shape was flying in, growing and growing the shape started to take form, and then we were treated to a one time only fly past by a Marsh Harrier.


It flew straight toward us, turned, to give a nice angle for a shot, then over the trees and gone………….and still no Owls.

On one side of the location is a row of tall conifer trees, a dark shape was seen moving around within them, turns out to be a Kestrel no less…….


She sat in the trees for a long while, and then an attempt at hunting, she swooped for her intended quarry…………..


She missed, with that, she returned to the trees for a while, then over the trees and she was gone, this coupled with the lack of light brought the day to a close, here’s to the next time.

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