Flying Kingfishers……….

Middle of March, the breeding season fast approaching, I know from some information I had received that, at the chosen location the Kingfishers were starting to “wake up” and think about mating.

Upon entering the hide, and looking out, I could see that the pair were already active – great


The pair spent a lot of the morning semi concealed in the bushes, not offering the opportunity for any good clear shots. Early in the afternoon the male Kingfisher started to call his chosen mate more and more, as you can see he was trying his hardest to tempt her with a fish.

He tried and tried his hardest through the afternoon, and then his hard work and persistence paid off…….


She accepted his token, from this point the afternoon just got better, more examples of fish passing were observed, and also both the male and female were seen checking  two or three different intended nesting holes.


One of the nicest aspects of photographing Kingfisher`s is seeing then diving, catching fish and returning to the perch.

It never ceases to amaze me how a bird so small can see it`s prey, dive catch it, and return to it`s branch so quickly.

The action continued at a fast pace through the afternoon, diving, catching fish, the male calling his mate, so many different images were obtained it was hard to make a selection for this Kingfisher blog.


With the light beginning to now fade fast, but the couple still were active, what to do, then, the male saved the best till last……….


The return visit is already being planned.

Please click on an image for a larger view.

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