A day of water fowl……….

The purpose of the visit to this new location was to photography the two known resident Barn Owls.  it was known that they were sitting on two eggs, at around on was seen, believed to be the male, he was flying at extreme range, even trying to get a usable image with my 800mm lens didn’t work, but on that side of the coin, plans have been made for next time.

So what to do, a great number of waders and water fowl are also present on the site, so for a change, these seemed like a plan, the first to come in to view was this male Shoveler duck came in to view,


with the bright spring sun light reflecting off both the water and it`s feather , it looked splendid, a little after a fine display from him, I was treated to these two Coots squaring up to each other, I was hoping for an all out scrap, but know such luck.


The morning continued to be action packed, many different species were giving both myself and my fellow photographer who was with that day, a vast amount of choice, Lapwings, Avocets, Snipe to name but a few, Ok, next let`s go into “arty” mode and try for some reflection shots, it was agreed that the Avocets would provide the best chance of this, we both were not let down. I love the water drop coming from the end of it`s beak.


As can be seen in the shot below, the female stood up and gave a clear view of the three eggs she was incubating, she proceeded to turn them, and then returned to sit on them.


A long way out to our left a Snipe was spotted, it was exhibition the perfect use of camouflage,


It was moving the edge of the reed beds, feeding as it went, for the technically minded, the image is a heavy crop, taken with an 800mm lens with a 1.4 convertor fitted.

Further out in what appeared to be duck weed, a number of Lapwing were seen, their actions seemed to indicate that they were getting ready to start breeding.


OK, we were not able to photograph the intended quarry this time, the Barn Owl, but we know that they are nesting on site with two eggs, so now it`s down to waiting, hatching, feeding and the next visit.


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