The day of the King, fisher that is.

This shoot has been a few months in the planning, along with a good photographic friend of mine.  The day panned out like this, out bed at 4.30am, leave home at 5.15, drive 32 miles to collect my friend ( who overslept, and got ready in in 10 minutes), then long drive a just under a further 2 hours to the hide, arriving around 8am.


In to the hide, positions chosen, wait for the action to start, well we didn’t have to wait long, within about 20 minutes the female kingfisher arrived and started to fish, as can be seen from the above image the light was being kind.


The action continued unabated all morning, we were getting visits from both the male and female kingfisher’s.  Around lunch time, visits slowed down some what giving cause for concern that we had seen the best of the action, how wrong can you be, the Kingfishers were have a siesta after gorging their selves that morning, gave us a chance for some well deserved lunch.

From around 1.30 – 2pm we started to get visits again from both the male and female birds, now if anything the action was getting more frantic, but the light was still with us even after a short lunch time shower.


Fishing was still taking place, but I tried to concentrate on getting images on “different” perch’s, how good does the female look above on balanced on the teasel.


The action continued through the day, all I was seeking was just a different shot, not just a bird on a stick image, I hope the image above proves this, a Kingfisher on a bulrush is a very different shot!

I think it is important to “think out the box” get something different, you see the Kingfisher on the mossy branch everywhere..

The action continued more or less unabated all day, on the day I took over 900 shots, which were narrowed now to around 250 after editing, some very special shots where obtained as an be seen from the bird below on the bulrush:


We left the venue at around 5pm, having been up since 4.30am (arrrg) what a great day, fantastic action, different shots on different perches, what could be better, plans are afoot for a return.


Good bye!!


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