A day on the farm……….

Sorry all,  that I have not written an up to date blog for a while, been so busy with different projects, but anyway, here we go – “A day on the Farm”

I was given the opportunity to visit a farm in Bedfordshire that I had been to last year, quite a selection of photographic subjects were known to be on site, ranging from a visiting fox through to birds of prey.

Firstly, into the hide which overlooks a pool where the Fox comes to drink, the area was also baited with some “road kill” as well.

Time passed, and I was treated to the arrival of this male Fox for his early morning drink.

Fine wildlife photography

With the beautiful autumn sunshine streaming through the trees, a fantastic reflection was cast onto the pool.

After what seemed no time at all, the “road kill” was smelt, the Fox hunted through the surrounding undergrowth and was rewarded with his tasty meal.



Fine wildlife photography

Taking a little time to feed upon the carcass, it was buried, to enable him to return another day to feed upon it – time to move on to the barn.

After what seemed an age, the owner of the barn made an appearance, and sat on the door of his home for a short while.


Moving away from the barn down on to some open farm land surrounded by trees, more bait was placed out, and the next round of waiting started……

A Sparrowhawk was known to hunt in the area, after a wait of what seemed an age, I was treated to a visit to take the bait that had been placed out earlier in preparation.


All the bait that was used was already “road kill”, no live bait was used.

What would round the day off nicely, a bird that seems to be coming more and more common these days, I often see them whilst driving along motorways hovering and hunting in the adjacent fields, a Kestrel.


Well I was not disappointed, the bird in the above image put in plenty of appearance’s that afternoon, a nice way to round the day off.

As with all things the day came to an end all to soon, with the light fading and the black rain clouds gathering, it was time to set off home, with the thought of a return visit already in my mind.

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