New winter location

With winter and jack frost just round the corner, I have been searching for a new location, to hopefully see me through the winter, and I think I have found it more or less on my door step.

A small reserve not to far from my home with a couple of hide, nice and cosy, one even has carpet, but the big bonus is, this location is spring feed, it “does not freeze”, good luck or not?, the luck gets better, on site, can be found, Wagtails, Sandpipers, Kingfisher’s, Little Egrets, Hares, Buzzards and fox’s, I`ve died and gone to a wildlife photographers heaven!!!_AYL3705

So over the coming months, I will be working this location quite hard to see what results it produces.

From what I am given to understand from the Warden, the Kingfisher is quite a regular visitor through the winter, the male can be here.

The shots shown here were taken the other day on a visit to “check out” the site, I was quite happy with the results, a couple of examples which can be seen here.

So have great hopes for this coming winter, providing the weather man is kind, and does not snow me in, so please keep checking back for updates. Click on the images for a enlarged view.



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