New location, next visit……

The day I chose, was the worst day of the week, Noah could have got there quicker, heavy rain was the order of the day, from early morning till past midday pouring rain all the way, well, as they say, I have made my bed….

The day saw Little egret’s, Sand pipers, Kingfishers, Grey wagtails, Sparrow Hawk and Rabbits, yes rabbits.

The Little egret here is always a safe bet, always showing, but on this site we have two males fighting over territory fun to watch, one attacking and chasing the other off.1

The action with the Sparrow Hawk was missed, it happened so quickly, it was over in the blink of an eye, it swooped down out of nowhere, took a Grey Wagtail and was gone…..

During the course of the afternoon, the weather improved, mind you , it could not have got any worse, another Wagtail put in an appearance, it was looking good in the mid after noon light._AYL3826

As the light was fading fast the Male Kingfisher, put in an appearance…_AYL3868

The image was taken at 4.02pm in the afternoon, we all know what the light is like then, for anyone who is interested, it was shot on a Canon 1D MKIV, with  a Sigma 800 F5.6 lens @ a shutter speed of 1/100sec at ISO 4000.

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