I am hiding in the bushes!!!!

I gave my new winter location a miss this week as I had information that a Kingfisher was active at a local site, therefore I though I would give it a go.

The day was grey, overcast and cold and as it proved later in the day, very wet, the wait was long, after arriving just after 9am, I proceeded to the hide and waited and waited and waited some more, the first showing was at 12.42pm, nearly some three and three quarter hours after first arriving, the action was short lived, but interesting, the bird had taken a small Perch for it`s lunch, this proved to be it mistake,1 the fish it had taken was way to big for, it, anyone who knows Kingfisher behaviour knows that they hit the prey a few times on a branch before turning it head first to swallow, how wrong this was!!!, this bird bit off more than it could chew, it was battering it`s prey for over ten minutes before it had it ready to swallow.

It continued to batter it`s prey and till it was ready, this shot is not the best in world, but here it was “slam dunk” time for the fish, prior to the long journey down the hatch.2

Please click on either image for an enlarged version.

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